Best Leather Recliners to Use at Home When Relaxing

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A leather recliner chair or sofa is a must-have these days if you want to enjoy a comfortable sitting position as you read or watch TV. The best leather recliners lean back and stretch forward so you can lounge comfortably.

When looking for a leather recliner, you can opt for one reclining chair or a leather recliner sofa for the whole family. In any case, you want the best quality leather or faux leather and a host of other features like cupholders, remover holders, and USB ports to make your lounging more comfortable.

If you are in the market for the best leather recliner, we have compiled this list with the best options you can choose from. Read on to find why they are best, and if you do not find your option here, we will also share a few factors you need to consider before buying.

1. RelaxZen Oscar Rocker Leather Recliner with Massage and Heat

When you think of a recliner, total relaxation comes to mind; the feel of the soft seat cushions and the ability to position the seat at any angle so you can relax your sore muscles for a minute after a long day’s work. Now, this RelaxZen recliner chair goes the extra mile to offer a much-needed massage.

The company makes relaxation and wellness products, and they hit the nail on the head with this faux leather recliner chair. It is easy to assemble when shipped and also available in different colors. It is ideal for your special room or even the TV room to relax and have some entertainment.

The massaging recliner comes with eight powerful massage motors, nine massage modes, and five intensity levels so you can pick the best therapy for your tired muscles. The massage mechanism targets four stress zones on your middle back, lower back, and thighs. It comes with an easy-to-use control remote that you use to personalize your massage.

When you don’t need a massage, this is still one of the best leather recliners you can choose to relax on. It is made with plush cushioning to gently contour to your body for support and comfort. Additionally, it comes with different recline angles to accommodate different family members with different body shapes, heights, and even leg lengths.

To activate a reclining angle, the chair comes with an easy pull control under the armrest. It is an affordable recliner made with easy to clean faux leather. The reclining chair supports up to 300 pounds and comes with a TV remote or book side pocket.


  • Available at an affordable price
  • Best for gentle vibration massage
  • Easy pullback control to recline back and forth
  • Comes with soft cushioning
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Supports weights of up to 300 pounds
  • The best recliner for the family room


  • Does not come with cup holders or USB ports

2. JC Home Swivel & Glider Leather Recliner Chair

JC Home Chair Theater Glider, 360 Degree Swivel, Push-Back Reclining,...
  • Adjustable Recliners - These multifunctional recliners can rotate 360...
  • Clean Easily and Luxury Fabrics - The chair features high-quality and...
  • Soft Cushion - This upholstered push back theater recliner features a...
  • Durable Wood Frame and Steel Mechanism - Selected high-quality wood...
  • Easy Assembly - Come with assemble & use instructions. Super easy...

If expecting a new baby, there is no reason to wait and rock him or her on a hard, uncomfortable chair when you can buy this rocking recliner. It is easy to assemble, made with faux leather, easy to clean, and also comes in beautiful bright colors to improve your moods and that of your little one.

It comes with a breathable leather lining and soft cushioning so you can relax in comfort. The recliner chair is ideal for 300 pounds and tall enough so a 6’1 person can easily rest their head. It reclines easily, and the glider also works perfectly, so you will be able to put down your baby without stress.

It is one of the most affordable leather recliner chairs in the market and one any parent will love. However, it is better to note that it does not come with any recliner control, so you will have to use your leg to click the footrest in place so you can stand.


  • Affordable rocking recliner chair
  • Best for new parents
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Available in bright summer colors
  • Soft cushioning and faux leather lining for maximum comfort


  • Does not have an automatic button or manual lever for a reclined position
  • Not easy to put the footrest back in place

3. Esright Massage PU Leather Recliner Chair

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated Composite Materials Ergonomic...
  • 【5 Relaxing Function】Relax in this wonderful recliner chair with...
  • 【Thick Padded, Double Comfort】Soft and composite material design...
  • 【Elegant and Friendly Design】2 cup holders and extra storage bags...
  • 【Manual Control Massage Recliner】This upholstered recliner has...
  • 【Easy Assembly and Good Customer Service】You will get 2 boxes,...

When looking for the best leather recliners for your lounge, this Esright model is your right fit. It is designed for total relaxation, even coming with a 350° swivel, so you never have to get up from the chair.

It comes with eight vibrating massage nodes, two vibration intensity levels, and five control modes. Additionally, it comes with a heat function for your lumbar area to make for an excellent muscle healing experience. The recliner chair comes with a remote control so you can personalize your vibration massage and heat therapy.

Besides the massage function, this recliner chair comes with deep cushions and ergonomic padding for the back, armrest, and headrest. It also comes with big side pockets for your books, magazines, or remote control. Additionally, the leather recliner also comes with two cup holders.

It is made with durable PU leather that is easy to clean, breathable, and water-resistant. The package comes in two boxes with the chair, remote control, power adapter, and assembly manual. It is easy to assemble and available in two colors, black and brown.

This Esright massage recliner chair is your best buy if you want an all-in-one product that can be your standard recliner, massaging recliner, and even a rocking chair. It supports 300 pounds.


  • Best leather recliner for your lounge
  • Made with a durable frame and leather materialsIdeal for optimal comfort
  • Best for people who struggle with back pain
  • Offers the best heated massage to comfort sore muscles and joints
  • Easy to cleanIdeal for 300 pounds


  • A bit costly

4. Elizabeth Tufted Bonded Leather Recliner Chair

GDFStudio Elizabeth Tufted Bonded Leather Recliner, Vintage Reclining...
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  • MODERN HOME DECOR: This armchair will make a statement in any room in...
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When you want to make a statement on your living room, office, or study, this Elizabeth leather recliner is what you need. This reclining chair has a vintage look to it, and the reclining design only makes it much better for relaxation.

It is one of the best reclining chairs at such an affordable price and is made with a firm but comfortable seat cushion and a high back to fully support your spine. It also features padded armrests you can relax.

The back of this seat easily reclines while you lie back and also comes back to an upright position when you want to get up. The recliner chair is made with bonded leather to give it the shiny, modern look fit for my office or home décor.

It is available in rich brown color.


  • Affordable recliner chair for office and home
  • Reclines easily when you sit and lean
  • High back to support your back
  • Firm but soft seat cushion and armrests
  • Made with bonded leather
  • Ideal for modern decor


  • Not very durable

5. Flamaker Power Lift PU Leather Recliner Chair

Flamaker Power Lift Recliner Chair PU Leather for Elderly with Massage...
  • [Power Lift and Recline] The motor equipped recliner can lift you up...

The best leather recliners are your most comfortable seats, but not so much when you struggle to get up from the reclined position. This is mostly the case with many older people or people living with certain conditions or recovering from recent surgeries.

In this case, your best recliner chair needs to aid you when you get up. It will be best to get a leather recliner it power lift, a feature that allows the seat to slant forward so you can get up with ease. The best leather recliner with a power lift is this Flamaker recliner.

It comes with a push-button control that you use to recline or get up. This feature will protect your feet and back from any excess pressure that would otherwise aggravate your symptoms. You can recline to different angles for maximum comfort and support.

Additionally, this seat offers vibration massage to four stress zones; your lumbar, back, thighs, and legs. It allows five adjustable modes and two vibration intensity options so you can personalize your massage. The recliner seat also offers heat therapy to allow better blood circulation, and it comes with a timer function for up to 60 minutes.

Other additional features you get from this reclining chair include two cup holders, side pocket storage, and thickly padded seat cushions, armrests, and headrest. You can get the seat in two colors; black and brown. It is a faux leather push-back recliner that can carry a maximum of 360 pounds.


  • Made with durable faux leather
  • Comes with a power lift feature
  • Offers relaxation and massage as well as heat therapy
  • Available in two colors
  • Comes with a timer function
  • Excellent maximum weight
  • Best leather recliner for the elderly or people recovering from injuries


  • None

Factors to Consider as You Buy the Best Leather Recliners

The following are the essential factors you need to consider before you buy your best leather recliner chairs.

a) Types of leather recliners

There are three types of leather recliners you can buy;

  1. Standard recliners. They are the most common recliners and come with a control lever on the side that either reclines them all the way back or up. They are the most durable recliners due to their simple mechanism and ideal for your seating area. When finding a spot for them, you can place them at least four inches from the wall or other furniture in your room.
  2. Automatic recliners. These leather recliners are also called power recliners and come with a push-button technology to recline or move up. Most recliners with this technology are best for you if you struggle to reach a control lever. You will need to push the button to fix your desired reclined angle.
  3. Wall hugger recliners. Also called a wall away recliner, this chair sits on a metal track that moves the seat forward as it reclines. This modern design is best for small spaces so the seat won’t bang into walls or nearby furniture.

b) Seating space

When buying the best leather recliner, you can choose between several sizes and designs such as;

  1. A single recliner chair
  2. A full-size leather reclining sofas
  3. A loveseat leather recliner

c) Weight capacity

When buying your favorite recliner, consider the weight it can carry per sitting. Other than your weight, you can also consider rocking a child or two or even a pet. While most of these recliner leather chairs can support great individual weights, you should consider those few times several people decide to pile up there.

You will find that most recliners now can support a weight of at least 250 pounds, while the best recliners can carry up to 500 pounds.

d) Type of Leather

The type of leather that makes your recliner has a significant bearing on price ranges, durability, and comfort. You can choose from these main leather types;

  1. Real leather. The recliners are made with genuine top-grain leather that makes them durable and soft to the touch.
  2. Bonded leather. These seats are made with a combination of real grain leathers, a fabric blend, cotton, and polyurethane. This material is arm and soft but not as durable as top-grain leather.
  3. Faux leather. The material is a cruelty-free option manufactured to look and feel like genuine leather. It is water and dirt-resistant but not very durable compared to real leather.

e) Cushioning

It would help if you got the most ergonomic leather reclining seat, and this heavily relies on the cushioning it comes with. If you can, confirm your seat comes with any of the following cushioning materials;

  1. Down. The insides will be filled with goose down feathers for a soft but firm sitting surface.
  2. High-density foam. The recliner cushioning can be anywhere from soft to very firm, so you can decide which firmness won’t hurt your back.
  3. Memory foam. They are filled with regular foam but surrounded by gentle memory foam to hug your body for maximum support.
  4. Innerspring inner seat cushions. These seats feature a quality construction of innerspring surrounded with soft foam for comfy seats.

f) Extra features to increase comfort

Some great value leather recliner seats come with extra features like;

  1. USB charging ports so you can relax as you charge your gadgets
  2. Cup holders
  3. Side storage
  4. Built-in trays so you can enjoy your meals without spilling
  5. Massage technology

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