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How to clean microwave? Some Useful Methods

Tim Parry


On that day, Microwaves have become an indispensable household appliance in the whole kitchen. It is not difficult to find a microwave in the kitchen of every American family. However, Not everyone knows exactly how to clean microwave.

Have you ever wondered? On the many ways to clean it, which is the easiest to do without taking too much time and money? Just essential items and easy to find around us. The following article will show you the straightforward ways.

The benefits of cleaning the microwave

Microwave is considered a practical assistant in heating food for every kitchen lover. Therefore, it gets dirty quickly. Food and drinks spill and splatter in the microwave, and before you know it, chunks of last week’s leftovers get stuck on the interior. It not only makes your microwave look bad, messy but also makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. There are a lot of delicious things that come out of our microwave. As a result, one of the reasons for forming many types of pathogenic bacteria for health.

Expert advice: You should clean your microwave at least twice a week so that dirt doesn’t stick to your food and keep bacteria from entering your digestive tract through food that’s reheated through the oven.

Regular cleaning of the microwave oven helps ensure our health and preserves the warmth and taste of food without being contaminated by other foods.

Just imagine what your microwave would be like if it weren’t cleaned.

According to Justin Carpenter, Modern Maids, not cleaning your microwave causes bacteria from old food particles to build. “The food gets stale and can start to mold,” Carpenter explains. Carpenter also says leftover splatters in the microwave can attract unwanted critters as if the threat of mold isn’t enough. “Flies and other bugs flock to the food particles, which creates an even worse scenario in extreme conditions.” Indeed none of us likes to have a filthy, smelly microwave in the kitchen, right?

I firmly believe that if you ignore regular microwave cleaning, your microwave’s life will be reduced, more dangerous, and directly affect your health and each member of your family. As a result, the amount of dirt and bacteria that accumulate for a long time will lead to intestinal diseases.

4 Ways To Clean The Microwave

How to Clean a Microwave with Lemon Juice

I’m sure that none of us doesn’t know about lemons. An incredibly wonderful fruit worldwide, it is the spice in meals and helps increase resistance, eliminate fishy odors, and clean everything very well. Lemon juice is a natural cleanser. It can clean everything. Lemon is primarily a very cheap thing and finds anywhere such as supermarkets, traditional markets, etc.

What you have:

  • Fresh lemon ( 1 fruit)
  • Special cup for use in the microwave ( 1 cup or bowl)
  • Dry towel ( 1 psc)
How to Clean Microwave with Lemon Juice
Lemon to deodorize, clean the microwave

How to do:

  • Step 1: Use a double squeegee against one slice of lemon down to a plate and pour more onto a white plate.
  • Step 2: Then, put this dish in the microwave, let the microwave operate for 1-2 minutes.
  • Step 3: When the mixture of lemon and water heats up, steam will appear, which will deodorize and help soften stains. At this point, you need to take out the lemon juice plate and use a towel to wipe the colors inside the oven again to get the desired result.

It is the fastest way to clean our microwave. ” Composite mixed between water and lemon makes a very effective steam that loosens build-up from the ceiling and walls of the microwave.” It’s a highly effective method of cleaning. Maybe, You also use a non-toxic to clean your microwave. Ensure that you read the instructions and ingredients on the bottle before spraying to make sure it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. If you aren’t sure the spray is non-toxic, stay on the safe side and don’t use it in your microwave.

How to clean a microwave with vinegar

Vinegar is a commonly used ingredient in cooking and processed foods. It lowers cholesterol in animals given vinegar to their diets and has an excellent antibacterial and deodorizing effect. To clean the microwave quickly, you need:

What you have:

  • Water ( 2 cups)
  • Vinegar ( 2 teaspoons)
  • Dry towel ( 1 psc)

How to do:

  • Way 1: Take 1/2 cup of water, add one tablespoon of white vinegar and place the bowl of the mixture in the microwave.
  • Way 2: Turn on the microwave for 5 minutes. If the microwave has high power, the time is shortened to about 2-3 minutes.

In this way, the white vinegar solution placed in the microwave will evaporate and peel off stubborn stains stuck in the oven.

  • Way 3: After the 5 minutes have elapsed, turn off the oven, take the mixture out of the bowl and gently wipe the inside of the oven cavity with a clean cloth, the stains will automatically disappear.

It is also one of the ingredients available in any kitchen of the whole family. Ensure that you can clean your microwave at home in just 5-10 minutes with the above instructions—no need to spend time going to the supermarket to buy bleaching supplies.

A good tip for you when cleaning the microwave with vinegar is that you can use a toothpick to get into the bowl of the vinegar mixture to reduce the bubbling when the vinegar is boiled. The bubbles will be prevented from coming out by the toothpick, and you will not be afraid of the mixture spilling out of the tray.

How to clean a microwave with baking soda

how to clean microwave with baking soda
how to clean microwave with baking soda

Baking soda is cleaner and mildly abrasive, so this is one of the best ways to clean microwave stains and build-up. In this way, mix match with baking soda and water into a thick cleaning paste and apply it to baked on grime and stubborn stains.

What you need:

  • Baking soda ( 2 teaspoons)
  • Water ( 1 cup)
  • Spoon ( 1 psc)
  • Dry water ( 2 psc)

How to do:

  • Step 1: Mix diluted baking soda with a bit of water to form a lake, steam.
  • Step 2: Rub the mixture on the microwave parts, avoiding the heating element, then you can leave it for about 12 hours until tomorrow.
  • Step 3: Finally, use a damp cloth to wipe off the hardened dough. After that, wipe with a wet towel and finally wipe with a dry towel one last time.

Clean and deodorize effectively with coffee

Coffee was previously known only as a popular beverage, but now it’s also considered a perfect deodorant, with great features and uses.

What you need:

  • Coffee ( 2 teaspoons)
  • Water ( 1 cup)
  • Dry towel ( 2 psc)
  • Small bowl ( 1 psc)

How to do:

  • Step 1: Firstly, you use a spoon to scoop about two teaspoons mixed with a cup of water that can be used in the microwave. Remember to pour more than 1/2 cup of water.
  • Step 2: Next, put the cup of purified water in the oven and turn on the oven for about 5 minutes until steam comes out. Let the cup sit for about 5-10 minutes after turning off the stove, deodorize, and remove grease stains more effectively.
  • Step 3: In the last step, use a soft cotton towel to wipe away the stains that have been attached for a long time, and then wipe it with water. And use a dry cloth to wipe it off.

You may not know that for coffee addicts, waking up in the morning and making yourself a cup of filter coffee is indispensable. But few people know, coffee grounds have great use in eliminating odors in the microwave. Try using a little coffee grounds left in the oven overnight. The following day you will see the effect!


In the process of cleaning the microwave with vinegar, can I mix vinegar with other bleaching agents?

You should not do this if you do not want to endanger your life. Because when you mix vinegar with other cleaning agents such as soap, bleach will inadvertently produce toxic gases, which, if inhaled, will be dangerous to the brain and life. And Make sure your microwave oven is in a well-ventilated area to reduce odors and evaporation when heating the vinegar mixture in the oven.

Can I use aluminum or plastic bowls in the above microwave cleaning methods?

It was evident that the bowls and dishes used in the microwave oven other than glass, porcelain bowls, you cannot use plastic or aluminum utensils to store anything in the range because the high temperature melts the plastic into the microwave cleaning solution. Worse, it causes an electric shock. So, before embarking on the above methods, buy a particular container for your kitchen right away.

Let’s point out the Pros and Cons of each method of cleaning the microwave with lemon, vinegar, baking soda, and coffee?

Firstly, cleaning the oven with fresh lemon is one of the most effective and easy methods. Nowadays, almost every family has lemon in the refrigerator. Lemon is cheap, easy to find, effective, and safe deodorizing. Secondly, the vinegar cleaning method is very good at eliminating odors, but it is straightforward to harm health and damage the oven if not careful. Next, clean the oven with baking soda to help remove stains best and fastest applied in the cleaning job.

Finally, is the coffee microwave cleaning method? This way, your kitchen will be filled with the aroma of coffee and increase concentration for the brain. Surely coffee lovers will not be able to ignore this method. The most significant disadvantage of this method is that it is time-consuming because if you want to deodorize well, you have to leave it overnight.


Don’t forget to clean inside the door as well, and you can even take your microfiber cloth, dip it into that lemon water and clean any buttons or dials on your microwave. If you’d be extra good, you can even clean underneath your microwave; move it out of the way, wipe it, and put it back.

You somewhat surprised you can find under there a great tip if you want to avoid any of those crazies splatters in the future to take a bowl similar to the shape and size of the bowl you’re going to be using to cook with and use that to cover up the food I do this all the time. It keeps your microwave spotless.

I love this routine because we can do something else while the microwave is doing the work for us, so really in terms of the time. I don’t know exactly, but maybe 30 seconds to cut the lemon and add water, so it’s a rapid method I love. It works well, and I hope it works for you as well.

Tell your friend, your kids, your relatives, and all the people around you to make sure that everyone knows how to clean microwave, which is easy and quick. The west has a proverb: “The best way to succeed in this life is to act on the advice we give to others.” I believe that if you follow what I say, you will find the best way to clean a microwave quickly as fast as possible.

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