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Researching furniture for your home can take many exhausting hours. Some products offer great features, but they do not exactly give you ‘the right feel’, while others do not fit your budget or desired needs. Luckily for you, we already did most of the job for you.

Signature Design by Ashley Bennox Dining Room Set, Includes Table, 4...
  • DINING ROOM TABLE SET: Gather everyone around this table set–it...
  • HANDSOMELY CRAFTED: Table is made of veneers, wood and engineered...
  • CONTEMPORARY STYLE: Dressed in savory brown, it's a warm hue that...
  • 6 PIECE SET: Includes table, 4 chairs and a bench. Table measures 36"...
  • ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Easy-to-follow instructions, tools and hardware...

We plan to make your life easier by introducing to you our favorite pick, the Signature Design by Ashley, a table which will most likely find its place into your cozy home once you go through the following sections covering its basic features, pros and cons, and many other aspects.

Signature Design by Ashley Table Set

The Signature Design by Ashley Table offers a great option to bring life to your dining room, while also being able to cater up to six people using a contemporary, modern design. The table is perfect for a large family, housing guests, or simply enriching the décor of your living room.

Who is this table set for?

If you are looking for a sophisticated, yet modern and contemporary design, this dining set is as versatile as it can be. You can choose from a variety of finishes and designs, while the cushioned seats help you define a clean and neat aesthetic for your dining room. Whether you want to provide dinner for your numerous family members, or you plan to care for your guests, this six-seat table is a perfect addition for any modern home.

What’s included?

The package includes the table, four cushioned chairs, and a bench for two people. The package also includes easy-to-understand assembly instructions and all the information you need to put together your new dining set. All the required tools and hardware are also included.

Overview of features

The Signature Design by Ashley Table comes with a set of four seats and a bench suitable for two people, being able to host six people in total. The table is constructed from veneers, engineered wood, and wood, while the chairs and the bench have a wooden frame and are covered in vinyl. Additionally, the contemporary style is a savory, warm brown, which leaves the impression of a neat and tidy design to your dining room.

The design of the dining set is extremely sturdy, long-lasting, and well-crafted. The size is extremely compact, so, even though it can provide enough comfortable space for up to six people, it should be also considered for purchase by space-conscious individuals. The overall impression of this product is premium quality, good taste, and a highly attractive piece of furniture.

On the other hand, you should also consider your needs carefully before deciding on this dining set. The main drawback of the product is that the tabletop does not have any finish, and neither do the chair seats. The wood is unprotected, so for longer use, you should consider sanding and coating the table with multiple coats of paste wax or polyurethane. Otherwise, the wood will get worn out over time.

Additionally, a minor drawback is that the legs of the table are not positioned exactly on the corners, which narrows the available space for seating. Apart from the unfinished tabletop, you might also want to consider some no-scratch grips for your floor, to be applied on all table and chair legs for extra protection.

Apart from this, the Signature Design by Ashley Table is definitely worth a closer look. The chairs and the bench are thickly padded for extra comfort, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy good, quality time together. The chairs and the bench are all sturdy and stable if they are assembled according to the instructions.

How to set up Signature Design by Ashley Table Set

The dining set comes with all the hardware and instructions needed. There is no need for in-depth skills, although the process of assembly can be quite laborious. Make sure you follow each step carefully, as the improper assembly of the table and chairs can compromise the integrity of the table.

Once you set it up, you can use it as desired – for hosting dinner parties with friends and families, or just to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing dinner with your loved ones. The table and chairs are compact-sized, which means that they will fit right in even if you have limited space available.

Additionally, the table can be easily cleaned, but, due to the unfinished table top, this can get scratched easily. It is recommended to apply several layers of coating on the table and chairs to avoid scratching the wood.


Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane 6-piece dining set

If, for any reason, you do not find this product suitable for your needs, we recommend taking a closer look at the Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane 6-piece dining set. Situated within a similar price range, this beautiful dining set has similar features, caring for a maximum of six people. It is as sturdy as our first choice, and the design will complete your dining room in a masterful manner. The dining set is easy to assemble, and it also comes with four chairs and a bench.


  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Compact size
  • Nice design
  • Straightforward instructions


  • Table/chairs have no protective coatings
  • Might consider no-scratch grips
  • Assembly takes a long time


Overall, finishing off your new home or refurbishing an older one is a tedious and laborious task. We presented you with the beautiful features in our Signature Design by Ashley review, showing that it is a must-have dining set of six pieces that will allow you to benefit from a neat and tidy look, while also having a comfortable and relaxing time with your loved ones.

The chairs and the bench come with a soft padded seating area for the best experience, while the table is extremely sturdy and well-built. The main drawback of the product is the lack of protective coatings, which might result in fine scratches on the table surface and the chairs after prolonged use. So, make sure you cover them up and make the best out of this reasonably priced dining set with a beautiful and contemporary design.

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