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Steelcase Gesture Vs. Herman Miller Embody

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Confused Between Steelcase Gesture Vs. Herman Miller Embody?

Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair with Headrest Plus Lumbar Support...
  • New Gesture Chair with Headrest Plus Lumbar Support - A new sitting...
  • Arms move like a human arm which allows users to be supported in any...
  • Seat has comfort all the way to the edge with a flexible perimeter to...
  • Arms and shoulders remain supported regardless of device being used
  • Designed to be quickly adjustable and takes into account various body...
Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair | Fully Adjustable Arms...
  • RHYTHM fabric is tight, smooth soft to the touch, and prevents heat...
  • INNOVATIVE ERGONOMIC DESIGN - More than 20 physicians and PhDs in the...
  • BACKFIT ADJUSTMENT - Embody’s back is designed like a human’s,...
  • FEATURES: tilt limiter, adjustable Seat Depth, fully adjustable arms,...
  • PIXELATED SUPPORT - You feel Embody’s Pixelated Support the moment...

I must say, you have a good choice if your consideration has stopped between these two mammoths.

But these two chairs have their own ups and downs, albeit mostly ups. Regardless of which chair you select, both are well-designed and provide excellent comfort. They're just a cut above the rest of the chairs in the same price range.

Therefore, picking between Steelcase gesture vs. Herman Miller embody was also a task in itself for me. So now, without wasting time; Let's get on with the meat of the issue, and we'll see which chair stands out between the two.

Let's take a look.

Build & the First Impression

1. Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair (Headrest + Lumbar Support)

Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair with Headrest Plus Lumbar Support...
  • New Gesture Chair with Headrest Plus Lumbar Support - A new sitting...
  • Arms move like a human arm which allows users to be supported in any...
  • Seat has comfort all the way to the edge with a flexible perimeter to...
  • Arms and shoulders remain supported regardless of device being used
  • Designed to be quickly adjustable and takes into account various body...

When you first see the Steelcase Gesture and Herman Miller office seats, words like "beautiful," "classy," and "chic" come to mind.

They are the epitome of the word "executive office chair."

Because of their futuristic support systems, both looked right at home on a starship from behind.

Steel Case Gesture with Headrest

However, the steel case also retains some elements of the traditional chair - a solid backrest with a fancy frame. The slim ergonomic backrest gently curves to accommodate your spinal curvature while providing adequate back support.

The Herman Miller, on the other hand, is a complete representation of traditional backrest architecture. Instead, this office chair employs a pixelated support structure that resembles the human back, including a flexible spine and ribs.

A complex matrix of pixels is infused into a solid and robust fabric material for the seat and backrest. The Herman Miller's seat and backrest become much slimmer as a result of this. However, it also provides a significant wow factor.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair, on the other hand, uses adaptive technology to shape your ass and respond to your movements.

Steelcase gesture adjustable armrests 'Arm 360' technology seems to float in the air as they are attached behind the seat. Herman Miller embodies armrest protrudes on the side but gently curves towards the seat to give it a classy, comfortable feel.

A side view of the chair shows its complicated control mechanism but does not affect the aesthetics of the chair.

Both chairs have a five-point wheelbase with roller wheels that float smoothly over your floor and won't harm your carpets.

Pros and Cons of the Steel Gesture

  • Highly customizable synchro-tilt technology for the seamless reclining ability.
  • High-quality construction with a custom support mechanism.
  • Comes with high quality and supportive headrest.
  • For exceptional seating consistency, thin, supportive foam padding with air pockets is used.
  • Super adjustable armrests that mirror human movement.
  • Beautiful, ergonomic design with intuitive controls.
  • 12-year warranty on the chair.
  • Thin cushioning on the headrest.
  • Carries a hefty price tag

Performance & Quality

2 . Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair

Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair | Fully Adjustable Arms...
  • RHYTHM fabric is tight, smooth soft to the touch, and prevents heat...
  • INNOVATIVE ERGONOMIC DESIGN - More than 20 physicians and PhDs in the...
  • BACKFIT ADJUSTMENT - Embody’s back is designed like a human’s,...
  • FEATURES: tilt limiter, adjustable Seat Depth, fully adjustable arms,...
  • PIXELATED SUPPORT - You feel Embody’s Pixelated Support the moment...

A considerable amount of research went into creating both seats, resulting in masterpieces that will keep you sitting for hours while you boost your productivity by leaps and bounds.

Herman Miller Embody forgoes the traditional upholstered seat design in favor of a hammock-style supportive surface that hugs your body.

The backrest and seat are made of a four-layer fabric infused with plastic coils. Waiver of a solid foam padded surface; eliminates fatigue to allow you to sit comfortably for hours on end.

With a central spine and flexible ribs, the backrest resembles the human spine. This helps you to keep a neutral, balanced stance during the day while still increasing blood and oxygen flow.

As a result, the chair relieves undue tension, allowing you to concentrate on your job. The Steelcase Gesture Chair keeps the conventional style but enhances it dramatically so you can sit all day easily.

As a result, the chair relieves undue tension, allowing you to concentrate on your job. The Steelcase Gesture Chair keeps the conventional style but enhances it dramatically so you can sit all day easily.

The chair's soft padding on the seat and backrest evenly distributes your weight in the chair. Underneath the foam padding, specially built air pockets provide an even, comfortable, and supportive seat.

The pockets also help distribute your weight evenly across the chair's large surface area.

While both chairs offer a comfortable seat, the Herman Miller Embody is geared toward personal use. See, the chair adapts to you, so the backrest adjusts to your body movements and automatically adjusts to your actions while seated.

Steelcase Gesture uses a synchro-tilt that allows you to tilt the chair back without turning a knob. The mechanism tilts the entire chair-back, seat, and armrests-so you can maintain a comfortable ergonomic posture even when lying down.

Herman Miller Embody also uses a buttonless tilt technology that allows you to achieve your desired tilt simply by leaning into the backrest. The chair has sufficient controls that allow you to control the tilt angle, the amount of effort required, and even lock the tilt angle.

Both chairs have recline technology that helps you to recline without losing your relaxed posture. Steelcase Gesture, on the other hand, uses a granular core equalizer to provide just the right amount of lumbar support while reclining.

A 12-year warranty on both chairs is a testament to their superior build quality. The manufacturer guarantees that the chair will not stop working for you.

The warranty also covers the most vulnerable parts like upholstery, caster wheels, and foam padding.

Adjustments & Functions

Steelcase Gesture has drilled most of the chair's customization to two convenient buttons on the right side of the seat.

Herman Miller embodies controls on both sides of the seat. The tilt and recline buttons are on the right side, while the tilt limiter lever is on the left side behind the seat. A pair of handles on the front of the seat adjusts the seat depth.

Both chairs allow you to adjust the seat height between 16 and 21 inches off the floor, which is ideal for short people and maintain a 90-degree bend at the knees.

To change the seat depth and increase circulation to the lower limbs, Herman Miller Embody uses a two-handed locking mechanism on the sides of the seat. You must step on your toes to lift your thigh weight off the seat, then release the locking mechanism to extend or retract the seat.

The 2-piece back knob on the steel body automatically controls all aspects of the chair's back. Turn the outer knob to adjust the reclining resistance of the chair-forward for more and backward for less. The inner knob is the variable backstop and lets you lock the chair in any of the four reclining positions.

Herman Miller Embody has three control features that let you recline the chair to your preferred level. For different activities, the recline limiter helps you to lock the backrest upright or partially reclined. The force needed to recline the backrest is determined by the tilt tension on the right side of the chairs.

The BackFit adjustment knob allows you to adjust the backrest independently of the Recline function. It makes the lumbar area more pronounced, so you can maintain proper spinal curvature when you lean back on the chair.

Simply lift the level under the armrest and adjust it to your liking. You can also catch and slide the arm pads back and forth for added support when sitting.

The armrests fitted with the Herman Miller Embody have fewer changes than the 360 arms on the Steelcase Geste, but the contouring makes them very comfortable. To relieve pressure in your shoulders and arms, you can only change the height and width.

  • The model is stunning, futuristic, and ergonomically sound.
  • On the backrest and bench, adaptive technology is used to shape the body.
  • Eliminates sedentary fatigue to give you a weightless feeling when you sit down.
  • Highly adjustable, button-less recline technology.
  • 12 years warranty on all parts.
  • Significantly more expensive than the steel case
  • The pixelated system on the seat and backrest bothers some people.


Both the Herman Miller Embody and the Steelcase Gesture are high-end office chairs intended for people who work for more than 8 hours a day.

They have simple controls and comfortable seating surfaces that minimize pressure and discomfort during long periods of sitting.

Both chairs are compatible with a wide range of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

The Herman Miller Embody office chair is ideal for the office warrior who is suffering from back and joint pain. The unique seat and backrest hug your body, giving you the sensation of floating in the chair. This helps the body heal and prevents further damage.

If you prefer a traditional chair style but want to avoid sedentary fatigue and use various communication devices, Steelcase Gesture is a great option.

On the other hand, Steelcase Gesture is the clear winner in this Steelcase Gesture Vs. Herman Miller fight. It provides a unique style twist on the conventional office while remaining unobtrusive in the workplace.

Now that we've looked at two of the best ergonomic chairs in the market let's look at what to look for when buying an ergonomic office chair. This information can help you when choosing a different chair down the line.

What Should You Consider When Getting An Ergonomic Office Chair?

Let's look at the factors to consider when choosing the best office chairs for you.

1. Seat Size

The seat size of the best chair you pick should accommodate you fully. What this means is that part of your butt should be hanging out on the sides because the seat is too narrow. Also, you want width and depth that provide even pressure.

The pressure from your body should be evenly distributed across the seating area to avoid any discomfort. You can read through the reviews and product details to see how wide and deep the seat can be.

What is the average seat depth and width that works? About 17-20 inches wide should be sufficient. Before we move on, let's define the seat depth. This is the distance that runs between the front and the back of your office chair.

If you can have about 4 inches of space between the back of your knees and the front of your chair, you should be fine.

2. Backrest

With a traditional ergonomic chair, the backrest should be about 12-19 inches wide. Whether you're getting the Herman Miller Aeron or any other ergonomic chair, you want a headrest that supports the natural curve of your spine.

What makes a superb ergonomic chair different from a typical office chair is that it promotes dynamic sitting. This is as opposed to forcing you to maintain a static posture that can be detrimental to your health. A good headrest will allow you to recline and relax as you want.

The advantage of reclining is that it relieves the pressure from your lower back. A good backrest should be about 12-19 inches wide and should be adjustable. We'll look at backrest adjustability later on in the article.

3. Seat Material

The seat material should be durable, able to withstand long hours of seating and be comfortable enough to support you. You want a seat material that is properly padded for extra comfort.

This way, you'll be able to work for hours without experiencing fatigue. Replying to emails and coming up with new ideas is already stressful enough; you don't want to add a hurt butt to the mixture.

Another thing to consider is the breathability of the material. You should consider a breathable material instead of a hard surface.

4. Usage

How do you intend to use your chair? Will you be working for long hours at a go without getting up, or will you be working for only 2 hours in your day? The answer to this question will allow you to choose the right type of chair for you.

What are your priorities? Comfort, durability, or flexibility? Ensure that the chair you choose meets all your needs.

5. Adjustability

We've come to a very important factor that can make or break your experience with your chair. Ergonomic adjustments are important because they allow you to tailor your seat to suit your needs and body type, and posture.

There are some chairs that come fully adjustable. This means that you can adjust several parts to expand your experience. Some chairs come with a few adjustable parts like the height, armrest, headrest, and armrest.

We're going to go through some of these adjustments so that you can have an idea of what to look out for when choosing your ergonomic office chair.

a). Backrest Adjustability

We mentioned this earlier as we were talking about the backrest as a feature to look out for. The advantage of having a good backrest is that you'll be able to recline, lean forward, and sit vertically if you so wish.

For a few extra bucks, you can even get a backrest that tilts at certain angles. If you have a strained lower back, having this feature will be good for you. Why are ergonomic office chairs important? Because they offer you amazing and equal pressure lumbar support.

Being able to adjust your backrest helps with lumbar support.

b). Height Adjustability

This is almost a must-have with ergonomic office chairs. You should be able to put your office chair at a comfortable height for the best results. If you don't have height adjustability, you won't be able to tailor the seat height to match your height.

If you're short, you don't want to have your feet dangling in the air as you work. And if you're tall, you don't want to have to uncomfortably stretch your feet ahead of you.

Therefore, height-adjustable is an absolute must for the best experience.

c). Headrest Adjustability

If you want an office chair that comes with a headrest, you also have to ensure that you can also adjust it. This will give you a better experience. If you're able to adjust your headrest, you'll be able to position it between your head and neck.

Imagine you've come from a two-hour work session, and now you can get your neck to relax on your headrest. Isn't that cool? Your neck muscles will thank you.

d). Armrest Adjustability

In addition to adjustable lumbar support, you want to be able to adjust your armrest. For example, you can get adjustable width or depth for the armrest.

Depending on what you're doing for work, you'll want to adjust your armrests to suit the position you want.

6. Lumbar Support

What is lumbar support? Lumbar support is

Adjustable lumbar support allows you to position your chair in the most comfortable way for your lower back. Your lumbar spine has an inward curve. This means that if you sit for extended periods of time without proper support can lead to slouching or straining your lower spine.

This adjustable lumbar support feature allows you to change the depth and height of your chair. This way, you'll be able to properly support your lower back.

What Are Alternative Ergonomic Office Chairs?

We've looked at Steelcase vs. Herman Miller and the factors you should look at when choosing ergonomic office chairs.

Now, let's look at some cool ergonomic office chairs you can consider if you want an alternative to the Steelcase Gesture and the Herman Miller office chairs.

Which is the most ergonomic office chairs?

1. Amazon Basics Mesh Swivel Office Desk Chair

Amazon Basics Mesh, Mid-Back, Adjustable, Swivel Office Desk Chair...
  • Comfortable office chair with contoured mesh back for breathability
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment; padded seat for comfort
  • Stable 5-point base with dual-wheel casters; 275-pound maximum weight...
  • User manual with assembly instructions included
  • BIFMA Certified

Starting us off is this very affordable office chair from Amazon Basics, which you'll love. In addition to the affordable price tag, you also get great features like a breathable mesh back, padded seat, pneumatic seat height adjustment, a detailed user manual, and dual-wheel casters on a stable 5-point base.

If you're looking for chairs that will give you good service and you're on a budget, this is the best pick for you. This and the reason that it has raving reviews is why this chair is number one on our list. A few chairs can compete with this pick for its affordability and reliable design.

These mesh chairs have a great professional look and will fit right in with your office decor. Some adjustable features you'll enjoy include the position tilt mechanism, the tilt-tension knob to adjust your chair's motion, and so much more.

  • Very affordable
  • Has a breathable mesh back
  • Comfortable
  • Has cool adjustable features
  • Comes with a sturdy 5-point base with dual-caster wheels
  • The seat cushion loses its thickness fast
  • The armrests are uncomfortable

2. HON Ignition 2.0 Mesh Back Task Chair

HON Office Chair Ignition 2.0 - Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair with...
  • Note : To ensure proper assembly, please follow all steps provided in...
  • 4-WAY STRETCH MESH seat back is breathable and cradles the spine for...
  • LUMBAR SUPPORT is adjustable in this office chair and provides lasting...
  • ADJUSTABLE ARMS feature height and width adjustments to give you the...
  • ERGONOMIC FEATURES like synchro-tilt mechanism, upright tilt lock,...

Our second pick is this ergonomic office chair that will sail you through those long working hours. You get to enjoy a 4-way stretch mesh back that cradles your spine and offers you tremendous ergonomic comfort.

Another great feature of this chair is the superior and adjustable lumbar support you get. The contoured seat cushion also adds to your comfort as you use this chair. You can carefully adjust the width and height of the arms for all-day arm comfort.

Some of the ergonomic features you'll get to enjoy with this chair include tension control, synchro-tilt mechanism, pneumatic seat height adjustment, tension control, and more. The five-star base has a cool 360-degree swivel and is made from reinforced resin. You will surely have fun working with this chair.

  • Has a comfortable 300 lb weight capacity
  • Comes with adjustable lumbar support
  • You can adjust the height and width of the armrests
  • Comes with a contoured seat cushion for your comfort
  • The height adjustment feature doesn't go low enough

3. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B, Graphite
  • Your purchase includes One Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair –...
  • Chair dimensions: 41" H x 27" W x 16.75" D. Seat heights:...
  • Tilt Limiter lets you set the recline range at one of three postures....
  • Try the Adjustable PostureFit Sacral/Lumbar support. Two individual...
  • Fully Adjustable Arms adjust from a height of 6.8” above the seat to...

This Herman Miller Aeron Chair can definitely give the Steelcase Leap chair, and the Herman Miller Embody a run for their money. Don't let the price tag deter you. This adjustable chair was designed using innovative technology and a deep understanding of human-centered design.

Simply put, you can expect the best value for your buck. The PostureFit SL backrest of this best office chair promises to support your spine in every way. This Herman Miller Aeron Chair does this while maintaining the natural forward tilt of your pelvis.

This is accomplished by the individual pads, which provide you with unique lumbar support. The seat of this Herman Miller Aeron Chair is divided into eight zones. These zones vary in tension which makes them able to cradle and support your body perfectly.

You will definitely feel the comfort and support with this Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

  • Very comfortable
  • Offers you incredible lumbar support
  • Carefully designed to meet your needs
  • Gives you a powerful seating posture
  • Fully supports you as you recline back or lean forward
  • Keeps your movements balanced and smooth
  • Expensive

4. Flexfit Hyken Mesh Task Chair

Flexfit Hyken Mesh Task Chair, Charcoal Gray (Un59464)
  • Sold as 1 Each.
  • Charcoal gray task chair
  • Mesh back and seat
  • Seat height adjustment, adjustable arms, tilt tension and tilt lock...
  • Suitable for up to 10 hours of use per day Supports up to 275 lbs....

This mesh chair is suitable for you if you work long hours and want a chair that can take it. This chair supports up to 275 lbs of weight and can handle up to 10 hours of comfortable use per day.

Some of the ergonomic adjustments you'll experience with this chair include adjustable arms, seat height adjustment, tilt tension, and an adjustable headrest.

The breathable mesh ensures you stay dry and comfortable the whole day as you work. You also get amazing lumbar support with this piece of office furniture. Once you follow the instructions in the manual, you'll be able to use your new seat in no time.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with an easy to follow instruction manual
  • Offers great lumbar support
  • Comes with a breathable mesh to keep your back dry
  • Allows you to adjust the height, arms, tilt tension, and headrest
  • The armrest can feel very uncomfortable

5. Pipersong Meditation Chair

Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair, Cross Legged Chair...
  • ACTIVATE YOUR SIT: The chair provides an active flexible seating...
  • FLEXIBLE TO SWITCH: Designed with the 360-degree swivel footstool, it...
  • COMFORT & SUPPORT: Padded with the high resilience, high density foam,...
  • SAFE & DURABLE: Assembled with the SGS certificated cylinder, solid...

This is a very effective office chair. So, what makes this chair amazing? This high-quality chair was designed for those who work in front of computers for long hours. It was made to promote good posture no matter how long you stay seated.

The narrow back of this right chair for working allows you to comfortably twist and reach. The "spine" makes this more adjustable chair adjust to your body's curve, which adds to your comfort. These office chairs allow you to move easily while still supporting yourself.

How do these features improve your productivity? Your body will feel better, and your blood circulation will improve. When this happens, your brain will receive more oxygenated blood, and you'll be able to focus easily on your work.

  • Allows you to move with ease
  • Enables you to switch positions with ease
  • Comfortable and healthy to use
  • Allows you to work for longer hours with ease
  • Durable
  • Has great aesthetics
  • Easy to set up
  • The backrest doesn't have an adjustable angle

What Are the Benefits of Using Ergonomic Office Chairs?

Although working from home or remotely has huge benefits, it also has some drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks have to do with your health and posture. For example, spending lots of time seated in front of your computer can negatively affect your physical and psychological well-being.

This is why investing in one of the ergonomic office chairs above is not a luxury; it's a necessity. However, don't take our word for it. Let's go through the advantages of using an ergonomic chair as you work. You might just change your life.

1. Better Posture

A good chair with ergonomic features like seat depth adjustment, lumbar support, and more can do wonders for your posture. Long hours of seating can really harm your posture unless you're getting the proper support.

Typical chairs often lack ergonomic adjustments that take care of your posture. You'll find that you're often leaning forward and straining while you work. With an ergonomic piece of office furniture, you won't have to worry about this.

2. Comfort

Whether you are using the Herman Miller Aeron Chair or any other ergonomic chair on our list, you feel the difference when it comes to comfort. Because the chair adapts to your body type and helps improve your posture, you won't have to struggle to feel comfortable.

The soft padding on the armrests and headrests also helps with comfort. We chose only the best and high-quality chairs so that you can have the best experience. The breathable back and soft cushion on the seat also help with the comfort levels.

When you're comfortable, you'll be able to work better and be more productive. So it's a win-win, even if you might have to invest a bit into this comfort.

3. Improved Blood Circulation

We talked about this when we were talking about our fifth pick, the Pipersong Meditation Chair. When your posture is right, and your body is relaxed, your blood circulation will also be better. How is this beneficial?

It will help you focus more because you'll have more energy and oxygen flowing to your brain. On the other hand, sitting for long periods of time leads to some issues like heart disease, back pain, poor blood circulation, and depression.

All the chairs we've looked at above allow you to move freely and tilt your chair back when you need to.

4. Better Emotional Health

When you're body is well, your mind will be too. The reverse is also true. When your body isn't okay, your mind won't be either. Back pain can lead to a lot of emotional distress that will interfere with your workflow and cause you more headaches.

You don't want that. This is why getting an ergonomic chair is very important. You don't want to be stuck in a situation where your mind and body are not okay. Although these ergonomic options are often more expensive than your typical chairs, they are worth it.

After all, is there really a price tag on your mental health?

 5. Increased Productivity

When you're comfortable, you're able to work better. No back pain, no depression, and no discomfort translate into a better working experience. This also means that you'll be able to focus more. And when you focus better, you're able to get more work done.

You will notice that you make fewer mistakes, you'll beat the deadlines with ease, and you'll be in an overall good mood.

 6. Less Pain

This point is pretty straightforward and reiterates what we've been talking about. With an ergonomic chair, you'll have great back support, and the chair will work around your body type. Other chairs may not be able to accommodate your body type and work around it, but ergonomic ones can.

This way, you'll be able to work for long hours straight without hurting your back or neck in the process. Your posture will also remain correct. Ensure you choose a chair that supports what you need.

7. Adjustability

Having an adjustable backrest, armrest, seat, and more can really improve your experience. Of course, you want to comfortably be able to adjust various parts of your chair to suit your needs. Being able to change the depth, seat height, armrest width and height, back recline, and seat angle adjustment are some of the ways you can improve your experience.

Our office chair picks above allow you to adjust their features. Therefore, you'll be able to tailor the chair to your needs. However, not all of them have the same adjustable features. Therefore, read through the product details to see if the specific features you're most concerned about are adjustable.

8. Accommodation

Ergonomic chairs fit all body types. Therefore, you can be sure that your specific body type will be accommodated. How is this possible? Because you can adjust the features to suit your particular body type.

You can adjust the armrests, seat, and lumbar support to suit your body type before you get started. Once you ensure that your back, elbows, knees, waist, and neck are in the correct position, you can get started with your work.

Another great thing about ergonomic seats is that you can continue adjusting them as your body changes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ergonomic Office Chairs

1. Does an ergonomic chair make a difference?

Yes. We've seen above the benefits of using an ergonomic chair. Some of these include better posture, better blood circulation, adjustability, better emotional health, and so much more. In addition, you can adjust your chair to suit your body type and needs.

Unlike other chairs where your back may hurt after continued use, you won't have this with a high-quality ergonomic seat. Therefore, you can say goodbye to back pain and neck pain as you work.

2. What is adjustable seat depth?

Seat depth adjustment means that you can adjust the depth of your chair. What is the depth of your chair? This is the measurement from the front of the seat to the back. Being able to modify this depth allows you to tailor the seat to your height.

Once you can adjust this depth, you'll have better back support. Your weight will also be evenly distributed along the seating area.

3. Why are ergonomic chairs more expensive?

Because they offer more value and come with extra adjustable features. You can simply adjust your chair to suit your body type and disposition. Whether you want to sit upright or lean backward is up to you.

If you can adjust your chair more, you'll need to spend more money for this convenience. Some of the features you can adjust include lumbar support, tension, depth, height, and more.

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