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How Long Is A Pool Lounge Chair? Complete Guide

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how long is a pool lounge chair

Pool lounge chairs are wonderfully comfortable chairs designed to be used outdoors/ around the pool area whenever you want to relax ot take a mid-day nap. What sets these chaise lounges apart from armchairs or couches is the angled back they are designed with. Usually, with most lounge chairs, the back can be adjusted to your preference, and they tend to be low to the ground giving you incredible relaxation for your whole body. But, are you wondering how long a pool lounge chair is? Here’s our lounge dimensions guide to answer your question.

How Long Is A Pool Lounge Chair?

Pool lounges vary in shape and size, with the chair's lengths ranging from 185 to 203 centimeters or 73 to 80 inches. These chairs usually have a height that ranges from 89 to 102 centimeters or 35 to 40 inches, and their widths come in dimensions of 64 to 76 centimeters or 25 to 30 inches.

The pool diving board needs to have a minimum area of 8 inches long by 6 inches wide on the end of your pool deck. Then you require to allow at least 24 to 30 inches of space between the edge of the patio and the water feature. The standard pool deck should be approximately 600- 900 square feet, but you can find some that are bigger.

Chaise Lounge Seat Size

1. Outdoor Chaise Lounge Seat Size

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs usually come in different sizes and shapes, and you can get whatever dimensions you are looking for. Typical outdoor chaise lounge chairs have dimensions of 198 centimeters ot 78 inches in length and a width of around 20.5 inches or 52 centimeters. In addition, the outdoor furniture comes with a back height of 34.5 inches or 88 centimeters, and the chairs' height from the floor is 13 inches or 33 cm. 

Pool lounge chairs, in nature, are the standard outdoor sofas, so they have the same mentioned we have mentioned for the outdoor chairs. Most sling pool furniture is constructed using robust aluminum frames and durable sling fabrics that enable the chair to withstand harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, vinyl strap pool loungers are dual wrapped on an aluminum frame to enhance durability. They are usually great for people with mobility issues close to the ground. They sometimes include armrests that provide extra support.

2. Indoor Chaise Lounge Dimensions

Usually, there is not too much difference between the outdoor chaise lounge chairs and the indoor chaise lounges. The main difference is that the indoor chaise lounge chairs could hold two people comfortably. These indoor chairs are designed using comfortable materials and have a different design from a sofa or a loveseat.

The indoor chairs include long cushioned seats. Some have the classic designs of four-chair legs, and some are created to provide extra storage space at the bottom of the seat. The dimensions of the indoor chaise lounge do not vary too much from that of the outdoor chaise lounges.

The lengths of these lounges range from 185 to 203 centimeters or 73 to 80 inches, and this length makes it possible for a person with an average height to lounge comfortably. In addition, the chair has a width of between 64 to 76 cm or 25 to 30 inches, and this width allows your arms to rest on the chair comfortably. The height of the outdoor lounges usually ranges between 89 to 102 centimeters or 35 to 40 inches.

Placement and Clearance of a Chaise Lounge

Now that we have looked at the dimensions of a pool lounge chair, you need to have enough room for your indoor or outdoor chaise lounges. Let's look at the needed space for outdoor and indoor lounge chairs.

1. Outdoors

Most popular poolside furniture is usually used in outdoor areas. Mostly they are positioned along the entire pool perimeter. That being said, you ought to ensure that the chairs have adequate space between them or that they are adequate spaces out. This ensures that each person has enough personal space. It is recommended that the distance between one pool furniture to the other should be at least two feet.

2. Indoors

Indoor lounge chairs are most likely to be used in the living room or balcony since they are used more as complement accessories to other furniture. So you will only require to think about leaving extra space to walk around. Ideally, having about 30 inches of space to walk around should be sufficient.

How to Measure a Chaise Lounge?

Measuring the pool furniture by yourself is usually straightforward; however, when purchasing the chairs, you are likely to find the dimensions of the chairs indicated in the package.

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If you are looking to measure the height of your chaise lounges, you could start by measuring the distance between the ground and the top of your chair. Usually, it is recommended that the height be 35 to 40 inches for maximum comfortability. To measure the width of the chaise lounge, you should measure from side to side or from left to right.


If you are looking to get the best pool lounge chair, you can be assured that you will get the relaxation you need with the right dimensions. The amazing bit is that the pool furniture comes in different sizes and shapes, so finding the exact measurement you are looking for is quite easy. Then again, they are available in plenty of styles and designs, making them an ideal accessory to decorate your pool area.

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