SoBuy New Relax Rocking Chair Review

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the lounge chairs I used to see passing by those executive hotels, until only recently when I read a piece on SoBuy New Relax Rocking Chair review that struck my attention. The review had photos that looked exactly the same as the ones I had always admired but what got my attention most was the price. All my life I always thought they were far from my reach but the price posted was quite a good deal. In fact it was irresistible that I immediately ordered one for the shade I recently constructed outside my home.

Quick and damage free delivery

Since I ordered online, my previous experiences with online orders were not so good so I had a few expectations on the timeline. However, the speed of delivery on this particular one was very impressive. I got my order delivered to my door in four days! It came in one box and after unpacking, it needed no much assembling. The furniture also came without any damage.

Striking features

The furniture looked so nice and was finished in top notch quality leather. Sitting on it for the first time, I felt like a king, the foot rest is just awesome. I had laid on a few during my vacations but even felt better. My interest had always been the foot rest design because I spend a lot of my time reading and writing especially out in my shade or around the balcony and it worked perfectly well in keeping me relaxed for the long hours that I often need peace.

My impression

Overall, I was impressed with this chair and could not even be happier with the price. During the fast week, we started competing with my wife and daughter on who sits on the lounge chair and to avoid further conflict, I bought two more with even a discounted price and they equally never disappointed. Nowadays, my concentration on my novels is much better. I no longer feel the tingles in my legs I had grown accustomed to in the recent past. The best part is that I can easily adjust it to several positions to suit my comfort and demands. My shade now looks very beautiful and have received several compliments form friends and neighbors who have seen it let alone sit on the special chairs. I will forever be grateful for the small piece on SoBuy New Relax Rocking Chair review that I read as this lounge has given me the best comfort I always dreamt about.

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