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Top 6 Best Online Interior Design Services of 2023

Tim Parry


Which online design service is best?

This is an excellent question and, as you will soon learn, many contemporary online interior design platforms and projects have their own virtues which distinguish them from the rest. No matter what you're hoping to do with your room or space, one of these online designer options will surely fit your budget, your vision, and your preferred level of consultation. Here, we'll analyze the six biggest and best names in the game, sharing with you what makes each one great while judging based on factors like aesthetic taste, customer satisfaction, potential, cost, quality of resources, and user experience. 

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Laurel & Wolf

The first online interior design service on the market, Laurel & Wolf is the most mature online design firm on the market. They were the first to realize that the status quo of interior design had plateaued and that the industry was ripe with disruptive opportunity. Thoroughly modern in every element, from its concept to its form to its execution, Laurel & Wolf found a way to cut through the inefficiencies of the norms of interior design and "democratize" the industry through the development of online interior 

  • Most mature and experienced company on the market
  • Well-acquainted with the industry
  • Excellent customer service
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Have been around long enough to have mistakes
  • Lack certain high-end visualization tools


Laurel & Wolf has once again re-organized their project around a simpler, more effective way of allowing you to design your dream space. They offer unmatched customer service, free shipping from $70, 24/7 customer support, and they guarantee satisfaction-- not bad! Plus, they get to understand your tastes and attitudes with a "Style Quiz" so they can better serve you and optimize their role as designer in perfecting your room or space. They are experienced and able to offer a range of services that will optimize your space, whether it's a living room, floor plan for something more elaborate, or otherwise-- their sense of style as your online interior designer is simply unmatched and their charge per room remains competitive.

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The only downside about Laurel & Wolf is that they have been around long enough to have endured some of the challenges that only come to those brave enough to pioneer their way through a novel disruptive project within an already well-defined industry. Some newer companies have learned from the trial & error process undergone by Laurel & Wolf, but the good news is that Laurel & Wolf has learned from this, too! 


Amidst all the new online interior design services on the market, Modsy seems to be held in the highest regard in terms of acclaim from within the industry as well as by customer reviews. They are well-known for utilizing exciting and effective tools and resources that impressively open the right possibilities for you and your design project with partners like West Elm.

Not only does Modsy have a very specific and well-crafted Style Quiz to help the online designer get a good sense of your space, but they also accept pictures of the room (or rooms) in question, coupled with the measurements required to put said photographs in perspective. Within weeks, two designs will be sent to you digitally which are rendered ultra-realistically using the photos you have sent, allowing you to see exactly how their design inspiration and style suggestions would play out in your living space. Their team is full of incredible designer professionals who collaborate creatively to craft the perfect design for you, your taste, and the room you send their way. Further, they also link to top, high-end shopping sites so that you can conveniently replace a specific piece of furniture within their design with something more well-suited to your preference. As for range of options regarding plans, Modsy has you covered: a basic, classic package of a single room costs $89, their "Premium Plan" rings in at $159, and their "Luxe" plan is available for $259-- though it is also worth mentioning that these rates are often discounted! In the process, Modsy provides the means to stay in touch with your designer over the phone or email, and they allow you to make as many revisions as you wish; unfortunately, they assign you with a designer rather than allowing you to choose one, though this usually goes quite well!


  • They offer two completed designs and give you the freedom to revise
  • Excellent 3d rendering tools
  • Align you with premium shopping resources should you choose to alter their suggested furniture
  • Plans often available for a discounted rate
  • The buying process of putting together a shopping list is user-friendly


  • They do not allow you to choose your online designer
  • If not discounted, the prices are on the higher end regarding online interior design services (though still much more affordable than hiring a traditional interior designer)

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While we might suggest Modsy has certain perks that other online interior designs services lack, Havenly shares many of the same charms but is certainly more cost-effective. Havenly prides itself on finding every justifiable way to maintain integrity and quality while cutting your costs! Havenly recognizes that some folks want a full re-haul of a room or space, while others just want a more subtle design service to revitalize rather than revolutionize; because of this, Havenly offers two distinct packages which serve each purpose more than adequately. They have a "Mini plan" for those who want design advice and a "Full package" those who want a more substantial online design which includes renderings, a floorplan, and more. The mini plan comes in at $79 while the more classic package which offers a complete floor plan is $129. Unlike Modsy, you can choose your own designer with Havenly, which is a feature many people care about-- you can stay in touch with them over text and email, and they offer assistance every step of the way.


  • Best if you are on a budget
  • Choose your own online designer
  • Flexible plans


  • 3d model renderings are not actually realistic

Is Modsy or Havenly Better?

Modsy and Havenly are very similar in so many ways, and which you think is best is going to be dependent on your needs and your resources. As we have said, Havenly has the added benefit of choosing your own designer, which Modsy lacks. Nevertheless, Modsy provides higher quality 3d renderings (albeit for a more expensive price). It will be up to you in the end, and we highly recommend both services.


Decorist has a refreshing spin on online interior design and they do a lot of things well. First of all, they are perfect for Pinterest users, as their design team prefers to get to know your style and taste through looking at your boards to inspire their design! They offer a free consultation, where you can inquire about prices, possibilities, and preferences-- but, from there, costs get steep quick. This interior design platform offers a Decorist Classic plan which features a level of design concept which usually costs around $300 per room, and their Elite and Celebrity plans cost $600 and $1300 accordingly. You definitely get what you pay for, as their high-end designers are widely acclaimed and their stylistic frameworks are very well-developed.


  • Celebrity package includes designers of fame and widely acclaimed outlooks on style
  • Excellent floor plans
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Aligned with huge names in the industry
  • Happiness guarantee


  • Extremely expensive


Another of the unique but expensive online design services on the web, roomLife has you fill out a style survey, manifesting a room design that takes in all the particulars of your space in a way not all online interior design services can manage to do. Suggestions from your interior designer will be based on the purpose of the room (is it a living room, bedroom, or dining room? how often is it used? etc.) and the preferences you provide them with, as well as the questionnaire.

Cost per room is definitely high, however. Generally, they charge $695 for two designers for one room-- they also send you a box which contains a floorplan, a curated shopping list, and all sorts of recommendations comes in the mail. They give you the information required to realize your design needs, but then you purchase the things on your own accord.


  • The box of inspiration and ideas is a unique perk
  • More freedom in purchasing
  • Consultation with designers is helpful a nd empowering
  • Creative design concepts


  • A lot of work to be done on your end
  • More indirect interior design help
  • Comparatively quite expensive


Wayfair is an online furniture retailer which now moonlights as an interior designer of sorts-- and their interior design services are definitely there to be applied to any room you need assistance with. They offer an ultra-affordable $29 consultation package, a $79 Lite design package, and a $149 classic package which is more a full room makeover. The Lite package is particularly cost-effective, including everything you need to rejuvenate a single room with tips and chats with an interior designer. The Classic is definitely more comprehensive, offering a wholly unique design process rather than tinkering with the design and resources already present, totally redoing the room to suit your vision with their knowledge.


  • Wayfair is a great brand, but they also suggest furniture pieces and accessories from theirs
  • Quite inexpensive at all three levels
  • Will work with you on final design until happiness is guaranteed


  • Comparably less comprehensive and detailed when it comes to consultation and 3d renderings

One question we get a lot from eager and aesthetically minded readers who are just learning about this industry is: "how much do online interior designers make?" It's a good question! Generally, their average annual salary is about $55,000 but many work above and below that price point as well, depending on for whom they are working and so on.

Obviously, the online interior design industry is taking off, and whether you'd rather contribute as a customer or a professional, there will be room for you!

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