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How To Clean Electric Stovetops Effectively

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how to clean electric stovetop

Are you looking for effective ways to clean your stovetop? Cleaning electric stoves can be tricky, especially if you are not aware of the effective measures. This article will discuss how to clean an electric stovetop to maintain a clean kitchen.

If you follow the procedures outlined below, you will find cleaning an electric stovetop easier than you think. Furthermore, you can easily clean your electric stovetop using household ingredients. But first, let us look into the safety measures before cleaning an electric stovetop.

Safety Measure For Cleaning An Electric Stovetop

Before cleaning your electric stovetop, make sure you cut the power. If you don't, you may risk getting burned or putting yourself at risk of electrocution. You can unplug your electric stove from the wall or turn the electric circuit breaker box off to be on the safe side.

You need to figure out the circuit your electric stove runs on and flip the breaker off. Turn the whole circuit breaker off if you can't figure it out. Do this y flipping the large switch above all the smaller switches in your breaker box.

Directions For Cleaning An Electric Stovetop

Before you begin cleaning electric stovetops, ensure you have checked with the manufacturer instructions for the manual and cleaning warranty.

Start by removing the burners and drip pans if possible. Before removing the burners, ensure they are very cool. Then, pull them carefully in the opposite direction and lift. You can check if the burners have additional fasteners that hold them in place before removing them.

1. Soak The Drip Pans

Plug in your kitchen faucet to fill the sink halfway and place your drip pans inside the sink. You can check out the best kitchen faucet that will revamp your sink area.

Ensure you use warm water and two cups of the best stovetop cleaner in our range. Leave the pieces to soak in for 10 to 15 minutes as you clean the rest of the stove.

If the pans are too dirty, you can use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub them. After finishing, you should dry the pieces with a dry cloth or paper towels.

2. Clean The Coils

Lay the coils flat on paper towels or a few newspaper sheets. You can spray the paper towels with water and then the some dish soap. Next, use a non-metallic bristle brush or non-abrasive scrubbing pad to scrub and loosen the caked o food residue on the stovetops. Finish by wiping each burner using a damp cloth and dry using a dry cloth or a paper towel. As you dry some parts, tenure the connector prongs are completely dry.

3. Clean Your Stove Top

Use a damp microfiber cloth or a no abrasive cloth to wipe the top. Then fill a spray bottle with either dish soap and water or a multi-purpose cleaner. Next, wipe down the stovetop and allow the product to soak in for one minute. Do n spray the cleaning solution directly on the stovetop surface as you may wet the burner sockets.

If the stope top is too messy, you can scrub a little using a non-metallic, medium bristle brush or a scrubbing pad. You can use a cooktop scraper to clean for the extra heavy build-up. A cooktop scrap is safe to use since it is usually made of hard plastic that will prevent scratches to your stovetop.

Rinse by wiping using a damp microfiber pad to ensure the surface is residue-free. Finally, Pat dry the surface using a clean microfiber pad or a non-abrasive cloth.

Cleaning Glass Electric Stovetops

Close up of human hand with protective gloves cleaning induction hob with green mop

To clean glass stovetops, remove the crumbs first by using a dry cloth. Next, dilute dish soap in warm water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the surface with the water, then remove the gunk on the surface if necessary.

You can use a plastic cooktop scraper to scrape away any tough gunk to remove. Do this when the surface is a little bit dump to make your cleaning easier and avoid scratching the glass stovetop. After finishing, wipe clean the surface using a damp microfiber towel. Finally, buff dries the whole surface using a paper towel or a microfiber pad.

Cleaning An Electric Stove Top Using The Baking Soda and White Vinegar Method

You will need two clean cloths, white vinegar, hot soapy water and baking soda. Start by removing any food residue from the stove using a dry cloth. Next, cover the electric stove top with baking soda paste. Finally, spray some vinegar on the baking soda until the fizzing sound stops.

Fill a bowl with hot water and add some dish soap to the water. Place the tea towel in the water for some minutes and wring it out until it is damp. Place the damp towel on top of the stove and leave for 10 t 15 minutes.

The towel, baking soda, and hot towel are enough to remove stubborn stains. You can use the towel to rub away the remaining stubborn stains when the time is up. Use a clean cloth to clean away the baking soda and dry your glass cooktop. While you are at it, you can look at the best slide-in-gas range we have in the market that will make your kitchen look elegant.

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