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How To Hang Lawn Chairs In Garage Spaces

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how to hang lawn chairs in garage

A well-organized garage is a dream for every homeowner. Most of us store almost everything in the garage from sports equipment to gardening tools, and it can be very hard to keep clutter at bay. Learning how to hang lawn chairs in garage spaces is essential to help keep your space in order while also keeping the chairs in shape.

How to Hang Lawn Chairs in a Garage

The good thing is there are different ways and areas you could store folding chairs or lawn chairs. You can opt to store the chairs in a basement, attic, shed, crawlspace, broom Closet, extra room or garage. If you choose to store lawn chairs in a garage, you will need to have the chairs neatly arranged to ensure they are in great condition when you need them next.

Amazingly they are different ways to store your chairs and still have them in good condition whenever you need them. First, you could store them using overhead storage space or hang the lawn chairs on the garage wall using storage racks. In this write-up, we will look at how to hang folding chairs and have them neatly stored.

Hanging Lawn chairs on a Wall with a Rack

You could either purchase a ready-made rack from a hardware store or make the rack yourself when using the racks. However, before doing either of the two, you will need to ensure enough wall space to hold the chairs and still have enough space to access the other items stored in the garage.

The advantage of using the rack is that you will save space with limited floor space and have a well-organized garage. However, the wall rack will require you to drill holes in your garage walls. Therefore, it is necessary to note that you should read and understand the manufacturer's manual before you attempt to install the racks. Also, it is crucial to have protective clothing while drilling and remember to check for electrical wirings inside the wall before you begin.

Steps on How To install the Rack on the Wall

Step 1

The first step will be to purchase a ready-made rack from a hardware mart. The good bit is that most hardware stores will have them. Next, with the rack ready, you will need to locate studs on the wall space you are using. The Studs will provide enough quantity of weight to hold the folding chair.

You will need to use a stud finder to locate the stud for the mounting bracket, then use a pencil to create a mark on the wall to indicate its position. Then you will need to locate another stud with the same height as the other one for the other mounting rack. The distance between the stands will mostly depend on the length of the bar. For instance, if your bar is 50 inches wide, you will need to locate a stud that is 48 inches away.

Drilling holes to create space to store lawn chairs

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When choosing the position to install the racks, you will need to pick a place that is not low or too high. This wil endure that the chairs do not take up much floor space, and still, you wil have an easy time while hanging the chairs.

Step 2

When you have the right position, you will lightly tap a nail on the wall to ensure that the stud is there. Then you will slide the hanger bar into the first bracket, place a level on top and use the bar as a guideline to locate the second bracket.

Then drill a hole depending on the size of the rack. Most racks will usually need a 3/16 inch and 2 inches deep hole. Under this step, you will need to make sure that you drill into the center of the stud.

Step 3

The third step will be to screw the first mounting bracket into the hole you created. You will not need to tighten the screws since you need the rack in position. Then go to the second bracket and install it, ensuring they are at the same height. When done, now screw the screws tightly cautiously.

Step 4

Once everything is in position, place the bars and the metal hooks. Then gently apply pressure to test if the racks can hold the folding chairs. If the rack is fine, you can now place your chairs. Remember, before you even store folding chairs or lawn chairs, you must ensure that they are dry. For instance, if you have metal folding chairs, and they are stored while wet, they can easily rust, or mildew can form on them.

Steps on making your own Rack on the Wall

Step 1

When making a DIY garage storage rack, the first step will be to cut wooden supports. Ideally, get a 2×4 lumber board and cut it into 3 pieces using a hand or power saw. Then cut one part into a 12-inch piece to act as a cross beam. Then cut 12.5 inches for the vertical wall and a 6-inch part that will support the cross beam. Remember, these dimensions can change depending on the number of chairs you want to hang.

Step 2

You wil then need to make an angle cut on both ends of the 6-inch cross beam support segment. Then use a drill to secure the cross beam to vertical support using screws. Then fasten the cross beam support onto the wall and the crossbeam using screws. Drill three holes in the wall mount center.

Step 3

Next, you need to locate the stud and drill holes into the position you want. Remember to position the holes in an area that is not too low or too high. Then drill a 3-inch hole into the wall as you did for the wall mount center.

Step 5

The last step wil be to fasten or secure the rack on the wall using screws and a power drill. Before hanging folding chairs or lawn chairs on the wall, test the rack by applying pressure on it. Then, when it's ready for use, you can place your chairs.

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